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The Inbound Strategy

Inbound marketing is the process by which customers and users are attracted to and interacted with on the basis of useful and relevant content experiences online. Its core principal is to help customers solve their problems and not bombard their daily lives with messages. By doing so and using a range of channels to publish and distribute this content, we build credibility and trustworthiness amongst prospects and customers that will lead to stronger and more beneficial relationships for everyone.


Interacting with the right people online is a vital part of inbound marketing. As a result a significant part of any inbound campaign comes in identifying and shaping the right buyer personas, exploring their wants and needs and how we can help them and the best channels to reach them. Once we have these nailed down the challenge is then to create useful and insightful content that will help solve the probelms we know that the target user is facing.


Inbound marketing is transactional. We give the user information that will solve their problem in the form of content and in return they provide us with their contact information. By providing users with useful content up front we demonstrate that our intentions go deeper than merely spamming and therefore the conversion process should be a natural one. Nevertheless our goal is to ensure our landing pages, contact forms and calls-to-action are optimised for this process.


This is where things get interesting and in many ways the hard part is done and it should be up to your sales team's natural charm to get the deal over the line. That said in inbound marketing, technology can and does play a important role in the process. Remember the goal is to close the gap between sales and marketing and with CRM systems and automation tools any information is fed back into the system for future campaigns.


When was the last time you marketed to an existing or old customer? If you can't remember the answer then you need an inbound strategy. We all know the businesses that only come calling when they need a sale and let's face it they're never our favourite. With inbound we maintain continuous contact with every customer ensuring that they are targeted with content specific to their needs at that moment in time.

The Inbound Flow

When executed correctly inbound marketing should form a continuous feedback loop that improves and produces consistent results.
A critical aspect of inbound marketing is that it bridges the gap between sales and marketing, ensuring that leads are properly qualified and nurtured before they are handed over to the sales team for contact.

By integrating sales tools into the marketing process and vice versa, both sales and marketing teams can review the progress of each, again ensuring that the two functions are complementary. Does this prospect need more information? How many propsects are at a certain point in the buying journey? What content has lead to the most conversions this month? An inbound strategy answers all of these questions ultimately making your business more productive and successful.

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The Importance Of Content

The effectiveness and ultimate success of any inbound marketing campaign lies in the quality of the content being provided. Without it, the strategy doesn't make it past the starting gate.

It is therefore vital that any inbound strategy makes content quality one of its main priorities. At Who Dares we put every piece of content through a stringent quality control programme that involves research, review and performance analysis. If a piece of content doesn't quite fit with a buyer persona's goals or needs, it isn't used no matter how creative or "brilliant" it is.

In inbound marketing, content is there to help the user and we work hard to make sure that every blog, e-book, video or infographic serves a purpose for both your business and your customers.

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A Tested Approach

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  3. Content & Digital Asset Creation

  4. Campaign Execution & Measurement

  5. Review, Analyse & Improve

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